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When the founder of VETT Limited needed a secure payment system that anyone could use to provide certainty of payments for business, he looked at what was available in the market - and found nothing suitable.


Having examined all the options, it became clear that the solution he sought existed in parts, through a number of incompatible point solutions, but there wasn't a single simple cost-effective way of bringing all the components together. And so, VETT was born and the solution patented as a new unique way of providing secure remote transactions.


VETT is a unique 21st century solution to the problem of being certain that secure transactions have been completed. VETT is determined to change conventional thinking and breakdown current doctrines regarding payment security by providing the payments market with a new simple approach that is "Simply Secure".


Uniquely, consumers do not need any special device or software to hamper them whilst VETT's third factor authentication technique provides unseen-multi-layered security.


Managing Director and creator of the VETT technology, Garry Gibson, has drawn together a group of seasoned professionals, build partners and investment to bring this solution to market.


VETT will introduce its foundation product VETT Match to support a range of new services designed specifically for remote commerce as opposed to the limited specific use demonstrated by many internet offerings. All VETT products will be accessed via Mobile, Internet, SMS as well as day-to-day transactions conducted face-to-face.


Beyond the applications highlighted within these pages, you will find a few of the many potential payment applications VETT can enable. Further, VETT’s simple but elegant functionality can deliver flexibility for many different applications in a variety of commercial environments.


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VETT is evolving. Keep an eye on this site to learn more in the coming months.